Monday, November 17, 2014

Color-Dodgeball - NEW GAME!

Here's a game that will keep the kiddos (and older kiddos, too) busy for hours. Color-Dodgeball. It's so much fun and doesn't have to cost a lot. Have fun!!

Sections of Pantyhose or Knee-Highs (stockings)                          
Cup of Water
Scoop, Squeeze Bottle, or Large Tablespoon                    
Color My Party™ Colored Cornstarch Powder - buy it at

Go to any discount store and buy cheap pantyhose or knee highs
Cut into 6 inch pieces
Tie a knot on one end
Soak the pieces of nylon in water
Insert the colored cornstarch into the pantyhose
Tie a knot on the other end
(Socks might also work - let us know if you try the game with socks)

Separate color bombs by color.
For example:
5 Pink and 5 Periwinkle on one side
5 Green and 5 Yellow on the other side


  • Separate all participants into 2 teams
  • Mark out a playing area with a line separating the 2 sides of the area
  • Each side starts with one bomber (bomber=person) and one of the colors on each side
  • Each side throws the color bombs only of their color at participants on the other side
  • If a player is hit that player must move to the other team
  • When all the bombs of one color are done a new bomber and color is chosen for each team and the bombing is continued 
  • If one side runs out of color bombs before the other team they must wait for other team to get done before choosing a new color and bomber
  • When you have used all the different colors you have then start over with a certain color bomb that was already thrown to your side 
  • There should only be one bomber at a time on each side
  • Bombers should be changed out each time a different color is used. 
  • Get hit by all of the colors and you are out of the game
  • The last remaining person is the winner

If you'd like to help us name the game, leave a comment. Our ears are always open!

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