Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fundraising Success with Colored Cornstarch - JP Cain Stadium Run

Image: Richard Hollingworth
You can do it, nonprofits! Organize your own run and be successful. Below is an article about how the J P Cain Stadium did it. 

Runners around J.P. Cain Stadium had a Pi-dye party Saturday afternoon in Hartselle all while helping support Hartselle’s football program.

The Hartselle High School Quarterback Club’s annual J.P. Cain Stadium Run (or Dye) gave runners a chance to change colors along the way, as event volunteers sprayed dyes along the 3.14 km route.

Scott Shelton, volunteer with the club, said the dye run, which was new this year, was a hit.

“We had 124 runners participate in the dye run,” Shelton said. “It was very successful and I think everyone had a great time.”

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Maze, Brent. "HHS draws 200 entrants to J. P. Cain Stadium Run." Hartselle Enquirer 15 Jul. 2013

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