Sunday, July 28, 2013

Colored Cornstarch Added to Half Marathon in Cannonville

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Bryce Canyon hosts 10th half-marathon | The Spectrum |

 — The Bryce Canyon Half Marathon will celebrates its 10th year Saturday, with an estimated 1,500 runners expected to test their mettle in the event.
A 5K run/walk and a one-mile event will also be available for contestants.
Marshall Thompson, an organizer for the half-marathon, said 1,350 people are already signed up, with maximum number of registrations accepted being 1,500.
Dixie Burbidge, another half marathon organizer, said the half marathon route goes through Bryce Canyon with mostly downhill running and a small amount of uphill. The 5K begins and ends in the nearby town of Cannonville.
Thompson talked about the competitive aspect of the half-marathon. He said the half-marathon has been employing chip timing for the runners during the past couple of years to increase timing accuracy. Runners wear a chip on one of their shoes and a sensor detects the exact time they cross the finish line.
“It’s the most accurate thing you could possibly get,” he said, noting that runners strongly favor chip timing.
The chip timing devices allow the runners to know the exact time they cross the finish line rather than relying on how quickly their finish time is noted by finish line personnel, which can be affected by situations such as a large group crossing the finish line at the same time.
Angie Steele is organizing this year’s newest event, called the Color Me Fun Run, a family-centered event planned for 6 p.m. today. She said the one-mile run or walk circles the town of Cannonville.
Individuals or families participating in the Color Me Fun Run receive white T-shirts with their registration. Others who are not running may pay a small fee to buy a colored mixture with a cornstarch base to throw at participants, so their white T-shirts are soon colored by the powder.
Steele said proceeds from the Color Me Fun Run are supporting the Bryce Canyon Music Camp, an annual camp taking place in Tropic. Local musicians, along many from aroud the nation, teach children music for a week

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